Brent Van Horne
Brent Van Horne
executive creative director in chicago

Meat Tea

Broth on a mission


product development

Chicago is the greatest city in the world, but too many Chicagoans go without. We wondered what a bunch of creatives could do to help.


The creative muscle at agencies is staggering. But we rarely get to use that muscle to truly make a difference. So we cooked up an idea that might do just that.

It started when two very different things collided. We'd been carving out time to brainstorm ways to help end hunger in Chicago, and we couldn't stop riffing on this little phrase / product / brand we had written on the wall: Meat Tea. The more we talked about the latter, the more we realized it was connected to the former.

The product is a combination of savory, delicious meat and vegetable broths with perfectly spiced tea blends. The brand came to life in ways we never thought possible thanks to the talents of designer Jill Karcher.

The plan to make a difference takes effect in the form of a week-long food truck activation, with 100% of the proceeds donated to the Greater Chicago Food Depository.

We haven’t gotten the chance to make Meat Tea a reality just yet. But we still have the best minds in the Chicago agency and culinary worlds working on it, so look out for more soon.

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