Brent Van Horne
Brent Van Horne
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Redefining recruiting


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Millennials didn’t believe Microsoft understood who they were as people. Or that a job there was right for them.

It wasn’t true. We just had to prove it.


We started by discovering what was true about the Manufacturing and Supply Chain group, the team responsible for bringing Microsoft’s devices to life. What we found was incredible. They were some of the most ambitious, most adventurous people in the entire organization.

Buried deep in their own materials was a phrase that became the heart of our story: All In. We knew we wanted to create a visual story that could connect with our audience in social, so we immediately got to work, with gorgeous sketches and a narrative from designer Peter Moffit.


A great idea is easy. Bringing it to life is hard.


It’s even more difficult when your audience can sniff out inauthenticity in a heartbeat.

But with a nimble team, a location in the mountains, and an actress with the same adventurous, all in spirit as the audience, we made it happen.

In the end we told a story that was so powerful it didn’t just connect with recruits, Microsoft used it at internal events to excite existing employees about their careers and show other departments in the company what they’re made of.

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