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AAR gets parts into the hands of airlines who need them. That didn't need to change. They just needed a better way to do it.





When planes for airlines around the world are out of commission, they call AAR to get the right part, right away. But when every lost second means lost revenue, AAR relied on cumbersome, manual systems for internal sales teams and external customers.

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One click away

Information is power. At AAR the difference between the right quote and the wrong quote could be a million dollar transaction. And speed is the difference. If an airline doesn’t get a timely quote, they’ll find someone else to get them what they need.

So we developed an app that accesses a complete history of quotes in real time, allowing sales teams to see exactly how they’ve priced a part in the past, when that price was accepted, and how quickly they can get the part where it needs to be.


Connected customers

In addition to empowering the sales team, better access to data allowed us to build a better customer portal that lets clients submit, search, update, and track orders and repairs in real-time.

Because all our apps for AAR are web-based, clients can access this information anywhere, from the tarmac to the terminal. To ensure this product landed with clients, we also developed a new identity system that’s as modern as innovative as the app itself.

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The true test of any app is adoption. The CEO of AAR himself told us that everywhere he went, visiting sales teams across the globe, every single computer had our app running. All day every day.

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